Our Team

Jeffrey Johnson - CEO

Jeffrey founded Synergy Investing in 2016 after spending 4 years working as a full time residential real estate agent. He has always had a passion for real estate and a passion for working with people and Synergy has allowed him to do both. Jeffrey currently serves as the CEO of Synergy and helps set high level vision / direction for the team. When he is not in the office you can find him either playing golf, traveling around the world (probably also golfing), or spending time with his wife and family. He and his wife also help lead a local Bible study group that they are passionate about.

David Vede - Project Manager

David manages and directs all rehabilitation efforts as Project Manager for all company acquisitions. His previous experience includes an extensive multi-trades knowledge as well as a seasoned background in civil and structural engineering. Apart from his daily activities and spending time with his family, David enjoys working on various wood projects, cars, 3D printing and figures painting.

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