Does investing in real estate interest you? But maybe you do not want to deal with the hassle of looking for properties, completing the rehab, and then ultimately selling the home? Well our company has a great solution for you! We offer both accredited and non accredited investors alike the opportunity to earn strong returns on their money in a 100% passive way. Keep on reading to figure out how this works.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short it begins with our company identifying a property which we can purchase and make a profit. Once we meet with the seller, sign a contract, and inspect the property we then open things up to our private lenders. Our private lenders will be emailed the terms of the deal and whoever decides they want to invest in that opportunity first gets to do so. Our closing attorney will then be in contact with you to set up the security deed and other information. After that the only thing left to do is wire the money to the closing attorney and then we get to work.
Your financial loan will be secured by the asset (the home) which we purchase. The lender receives a first position security deed on the property so it will be impossible for our company to ever sell the home without the lender being paid back first. Just like a mortgage.
Our minimum investment opportunities start at $100,000 and go up from there. Our team also participates in large multifamily real estate deals which gives us the opportunity to work with investors of $1M or more.
Our projects range from a minimum of 30 days to 180 days on the longer end. Each investment opportunity is different and the investor is able to choose which kind of deal structure works best for them.
The rates we offer are subject to change and they vary from deal to deal. (depending on the terms of the deal) But as a general figure, you can expect to earn around a 15%-23% annualized rate of return on your money. So while no one is going to get rich off one deal, it is a very safe and predictable way to put funds to work and diversify. One thing is for sure, we are almost always beating out what money is currently earning in a savings account, money market account, and most mutual funds.
As of September 2021, our company has purchased and completed over 125 successful house "flips". With many more to come in the remainder of the year. And 99% of these deals have resulted in a positive net profit.
We will never allow our lenders to lose money on a deal. Because our company values the relationship we have with our private money lenders so much, if we did undertake a project that went poorly we would take money out of the company to ensure the lender is paid back in full plus their profit. It is part of the agreement we sign up front.
Of course! We are more than happy to provide references to multiple lenders who have worked with our company in the past and had a great experience.
We are always open to explaining things more in depth or face to face. Our company is local to the Atlanta area and our office is located at 3370 Chastain Gardens Dr. Suite 230. Kennesaw GA 30144. If you are interested in investing with our company we encourage you to come in and see the team in action and talk about how we can earn you more passive income. Also feel free to check out our multiple 5 star reviews on Google, BBB, and Facebook.